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What We Do

Dr. Alissa Kotowski's research group at Utrecht University uses the rock record to investigate how solid earth materials deform. We apply structural and chemical techniques, and bridge observations from the atomic to the field scale to gain predictive understanding of tectonic processes. 

How does Earth generate and sustain plate tectonics? 

Why does steady-state deformation give rise to slip transients?

What rheological laws describe flow of metamorphic rocks in tectonic plate boundaries?

Science is a team effort. To learn more about some of the people I work with, see their websites:

Utrecht University:  Oliver Plûmper, Lisa Eberhard, Eric Hellebrand, Martyn DruryDouwe van Hinsbergen

External: James Kirkpatrick (McGill), Caroline Seyler (U. Minnesota), Matthew Tarling (McGill), David Wallis (Cambridge), Whitney Behr (ETH Zürich)

Recent Publications


Structural, petrologic, and geochronologic data show the CBU on Syros comprises three internally coherent nappes that were subducted and exhumed in a conveyer belt fashion.

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