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Laurens Kleijbeuker defends his MSc thesis!

Laurens successfully defended his MSc Thesis, "Microstructural analysis of epidote-amphibolites and plate interface rheology in warm subduction zones," in May! Congratulations, Laurens!

Figure Caption: Microstructural summary of an epidote-amphibolite from the Oman Drilling Project Core BT1B, which recovered 'low-temperature' sole rocks beneath the Oman ophiolite. (A) Electron Backscatter Diffraction map showing amphibole-rich and epidote-rich microstructural domains. (B) Grain Reference Orientation Distribution map showing close-up of amphibole and epidote internal misorientations. (C) Pole figures showing crystallographic orientations of amphibole and epidote from all grains fo the EBSD map.



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